Friday, 18 August 2017


Lulu has changed
 She is no longer the girl I knew
Grown into a beautiful woman
 Still she flirting with me
I won’t deny that
 She flirting with every young and old
Resident of the city
That makes her filth
Why can’t she be loyal to just one?
She has became foreign to me
Her hostility is showing too
Picking up foreign traits
My Lulu
Mama still says you’re the pride of her
Though you’re now like an outcast
Among your sisters and brother
Sometimes they envy you
And I know then that
They too will end up like you
But my wish for them
Is never to forget Mama’s teaching
Wishing they grow up not with
Some of your traits
Who did you took after
Mother, Father? Foreign men you have been
Involved with
Lulu I love your flashlights lights
Fast life
But it’s sad that these are the same things
That are, turning your children to dust and
Your beauty to ashes
Ht ill you have left
When everything has turned to dust
Cause’ nothing last forever
Lulu lulu!
Can you her me calling
You’re moving too fast
Singing your bokosi as you walk
Making you the envy
Among your peers
Your daughters too are the envy
Of the land Africa
My Lusaka, Zambia as you develop
Please remember them African ways
Zambian way of living

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Church and Politics ( Miracle Money)

They told me that politics have no part in the church
Neither does the church take part in political
For the vices curve a different path to the pearly gates (unpaved)
Hey, But wait...
Is it not  the CHURCH that is in the forefront
Instigating to give that, belong to God to Caesar?
It is true that the preacher has seized that
 And needs the coin with the head Of Caesar more than the word of Jesus?
Is it true that the preacher talks more about the coin than the Word of Jesus?

Is it true that the congregates find comfort in the word of their finance success
Than repentance
Mr Preacher wills financial break through mean that?
Am guaranteed that i will dine with the King Jesus?
 Does the bible teach that?
Will the gospel ever reach out the people? Who need it when it has a price tag
When the church has bowed down
 To the pleasure by the worlds governments
When it’s being sold
Bought by the politicians
With big pockets
 Causing a mixer
The confusion they try to cushion their heads on
And say nothing is wrong 
Deceiving the people
Because we are wolves in the Sheep’s clothing

Friday, 14 October 2016



I wasn’t born an actor
I was born into the world
Full of characters
And i automatically pick’d up
My role
Ever since, i have been trying to
Learn my lines
To fit on the gland world stage
Along the way, i became
A copy cat
Forgetting that
Each line for a different
Was perfectly crafted and
Scripted for them
And an award waits
Indeed, i can never doubt
My story lines too
Where written for me
By the greatest script
Writer and my
Though i wanted to
Replace him
With a copy-cat
I am stopped by
The words
Wrong steps, i make
Back in line
Efan Ila Eyubma